Life Events

Life involves constant change. Whether these changes arise unexpectedly or after much consideration, each is accompanied by a new set of opportunities and challenges. With each new set of circumstances come new financial needs and responsibilities, as well. We will come along side you and provide the resources and expertise so you can make informed decisions and help eliminate the uncertainty one faces with major life events. With the financial decisions taken care of, you can focus your time and energy on the other aspects of life.

Getting Married

Marriage is the coming together of two people with two different backgrounds, beliefs, and thoughts about money. Finances are generally a major source of disagreement between couples and can affect all aspects of your relationship. Through our Newlywed Program, you will obtain the knowledge, resources, and skills necessary to help prevent financial issues from putting strain on your marriage. Working with your advisor, the two of you will learn the importance of forming the right habits, ways to communicate about your finances, and where to get started. Being on the same page financially is important to having your marriage start off on the right foot.

Expecting a Baby

Whether this is your first child or you are adding a sibling to existing children, a newborn baby is perhaps the biggest change to a person’s life. Suddenly, you are completely responsible for this new person, who is dependent upon you for all of its needs. Needless to say, the decisions you make today are going to have a significant impact on both your child’s future and on your current financial position. As you transition into parenthood, we will help you get financially prepared and protected. This includes what items should be taken care of before the baby arrives, what should be done after the arrival, and how to protect your child to help ensure their future is bright one.

Buying a Home

Whether you're purchasing your first house, moving up to something larger, downsizing, or considering a second home, buying a new home should be done after much deliberation. A home is one of the largest expenditures you will likely ever make. It is one you will live with (and in) for years to come and can affect every part of your financial life. We will help show you how your home fits in your overall financial picture and the relationship it has with your other investments. We will show the different funding options of a home purchase, the pros and cons of each, and how to have your home complement your financial security rather than conflict.

Preparing for College

A college education remains a tremendous asset for a person’s future and earning potential. However, with college costs rising significantly, planning for this expense is becoming ever vital. In addition, the numbers of grants, scholarships, loans, savings vehicles, and other forms of financial aid can be overwhelming to sift through. Our goal is to simplify the process, educate on the different funding options available, and help you find the right strategy for your situation. This will be based off of several components including how much you want to provide for your children or grandchildren, current financial position, and future goals.


The dissolution of a marriage can be one of the most difficult experiences a person ever faces. The emotional impact can be painful enough, but the financial challenges can be just as distressing. Many of the core issues of divorce are financially based and it is imperative to understand your complete financial situation. Making wise financial decisions, though, can prove difficult during this time of fluctuating emotions, frustrations, and not knowing where to begin. With proper preparing and expert help, we will come along side you to provide the financial guidance needed to help you transition into your next phase of life.