Individuals & Families

Your success is at the heart of what we do

From the birth of your child to the death of a loved one — life is full of moments that leave a lasting mark on the human heart.  At the same time, life is also full of small moments — from planning family vacations to holiday celebrations. 

Our financial strategies will give you the confidence to focus on what's truly valuable: making memories with those who matter most.

Financial Planning

The smartest strategies are informed by sound financial planning considering the past, present, and future. 

We can help create a well-rounded financial plan that examines your total financial picture and helps you take a comprehensive approach to achieve your goals. 

Investment Strategies

The market changes daily, your goals do not.  Developing an investment strategy can help prevent emotional responses to day-to-day market changes.

We will help you make informed decisions and stick to an investment strategy based on what you want to achieve in the long term.

Prepare for Retirement

Retirement looks different for everyone, and how it looks for you depends on your level of preparation and the decisions you make once you get there. 

Whether you’re decades or months away from retiring, we can help you create the retirement story you want with thoughtful preparation.

Protection Management

Pinpointing and closing any gaps in your financial safety net will help ensure you and your family are prepared for whatever life brings.

Whether it is life insurance, disability, long term care, or health insurance, we will help protect what matters most.

Estate planning

You've worked hard to build your assets, live the life you want, and create a legacy to leave behind. But when the time comes, estate or income taxes can erode your wealth.

We are here to help ensure your legacy isn’t left to chance.  We’ll help ensure your wishes are fulfilled and protect your family’s wealth now – and for generations to come.

Additional services offered through Securian Trust Company

Educational Funding Strategies

You do your best to prepare for the costs and academic challenges of your kids’ and grandkids’ education.

We provide educational funding strategies to help ensure the success of the future generations of your family.

Charitable giving

In addition to benefiting the organization, charitable gifts can be an effective strategy.

Our team will work with your accountant and attorney to formalize your wishes to maximize the value distributed to the people and causes that you cherish.